Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, living with injuries or living a busy life, Lotus Lounge can create a program, session or retreat to suit your needs.

Classroom Calm,

mindful movement for students and faculty



Today's student faces a great deal of challenges personally, academically and socially. The daily pressures of keeping good grades, living up to the expectations of parents and friends can lead one to turn to unhealthy options to cope with these stressors.

The proven tools of meditation, breathing, movement and relaxation for children, teens and adults lessen stress and anxiety. Integrating these practices into your schools physical education and health cuuriculum or after school programs will enrich the lives of all involved.



Some benefits:

-fewer conflicts and arguments among students

-better decision-making

-increased confidence and self-esteem

-improved concentration

-more efficient use of class time

-reduced anxiety around homework, projects and school duties


Program Assessment


To assess the success of students in this program, a pre-assessment and a post-assessment will be given.  Student growth will be measured using the following benchmarks: 

  • Students will be scored on the feeling of well-being before and after program.

  • Students will indicate an increase level of relaxation or a decrease in the level of anxiety.  

  • Students will rate their level of physical response to the yoga program - have students grown in strength and/or flexibility?

  • Students will be asked to share what benefit (if any) they have gained through the program. 



Teachers and faculty will benefit from this workshop focusing on simple techniques for creating a more productive and peaceful classroom environment. Yoga, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness help manage physical, mental and emotional stress. Staff will receive a manual with all of the material covered in this workshop to apply the techniques in their lives at work as well as at home. This workshop’s time length can be tailored to your school’s needs and is available for Professional Development Units.


3 hour workshop











Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Training for the School Professional Certificate


Yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques are being proven to create a more productive, calmer and focused learning environment for both students and faculty. This 20 hour intensive is created for all educators from guidance counselors to physical education teachers. You will receive the tools to teach simple, safe and effective yoga sequences as well as different forms of meditation and breath work to help stretch, calm and expand your students body, mind and spirits, helping them reach their full potential. (one hour lunch break on own) Note: Counts towards 20 Professional Development (PD) units

Corporate Wellness



Prevention delivers greater savings to you. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, only 5 cents of every healthcare dollar goes to prevention while 95 cents are spent on treatment, in the US. The more we push for disease prevention and health promotion, the more we can reduce healthcare costs. Americans are working more and more, making the workplace the ideal place to address health and wellness.


We currently offer programs for:

  • Nutrition and Weight Maintenance

  • General Fitness through Yoga

  • Stress Management and Reduction through Meditation and Yoga


These include the following:

  1. Strategy Session where we discuss the clients health history

  2. On-site Meditation and Yoga classes

  3. Virtual group Wellness Coaching with recipes and a plan to get healthy and fit

  4. On-site seminars, Lunch and Learns

  5. Accountability


Depending on the needs of your company and its employees, we can customize a program that benefits everyone.


Additional ideas include a wellness resource library, healthy recipe contest, on-site chair massage, and exercise competition/healthy eating challenges.



Beach Yoga:

A truly unique and meditative experience, beach yoga heightens the senses through challenging balance on sand and in wind. Join us for an hour of nature, movement and breath.

Bridal Yoga:

What better way to stay poised and beautiful for your big day then a little Zen session with your girls? Call on Lotus Lounge for Yoga Bridal Showers or Wedding Morning Yoga and we’ll leave you feeling peaceful, blissed out and ready for any of life’s challenges with a calm mind and a big smile.

Partner Yoga:

You ever wish someone would just crack your back? Yoga with a partner can help physically open up space in your body while opening up your mind to new experiences with a friend or loved one.

Private Yoga Classes and Packages

Whether you are brand new to the practice or a seasoned yogi, private sessions bring you to the next level. By deepening your practice one-on-one, special aare addressed that may be overlooked in a group class. Props are used to facilitate deep stretching and relaxation or we can amp up the class with music, arm balances and inversions. We cater to you!

Silver Yoga:

As our population ages, it is even more crucial to stay flexible and mobile. Seniors can greatly benefit from gentle stretching, breathing and meditation. We service senior homes and private residences as well as hospitals. Chair yoga is an option as well as mat classes.

Yoga for Golfers:

Would you like to play a better game? Keep up with your competition? Yoga for Golfers is a 6 week specialized yoga program designed to keep you playing longer and more competitively. Injuries are common among golfers because of the over-use of certain muscle groups. Stay flexible and focused on the greens with this amazing practice.

Yoga For Teachers:

Teachers deserve to unwind after their arduous workdays. Helping camaraderie, stress and  overall health, we bring a relaxing atmosphere to gyms, libraries or meeting rooms. One of our most popular programs!

Mindfulness in Schools: 

Teachers as well as students stuggle to balance work/life situations to stay healthy emotionally and physically. Why not show them how? We tailor a program to meet your needs as a school counselor, social worker, student, teacher, coach or faculty member. How can we work together to bring more mindfulness and ease to the school and classroom? Through mindful stretching, breathing, meditation techniques and nutrition.