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Align&Flow Yoga’s 200-hour Teacher Training Program is a foundational program rooted in Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga (8 limbs). It contains information and insight from many different types of yoga, with an emphasis on Vinyasa style yoga. This training will provide students with the knowledge, confidence, practice and experience to become inspiring and creative teachers. This training is open to all levels, from beginner to advanced, who would like to deepen their own personal practice, teach others the beautiful gift of yoga, for personal growth, or all three. Upon completion of the program in good standing, the student will be eligible to apply for 200-hour certification through Yoga Alliance.

What our graduates are saying..........

It is hard to put into words the effect Align&Flow Teacher Training has had on my life. To keep it short, the training is the following: positive, intelligent, fun, compassionate, transformative, honest, peaceful, loving and full of integrity. This training will show yourself who you really are. Oh yeah, there is yoga too:) Erin and Joell's sense of humor, intelligence and fun-filled natures enrich the training. With this training, the potential to gain wisdom and self-love is limitless!

- Laura Huston

As a practitioner of 13 years, I have frequently thought about enrolling in a teacher training and I am so very glad I chose Align&Flow. Erin brings her expertise, spirituality and passion for yoga, while Joell brings laughter and endless love for her students. I entered the training hoping to learn the tools and skills needed to teach a yoga class and what I actually learned goes way beyond asana flow. I learned how to find peace and calm within myself and allow it to come out in situations that would have normally stressed me out and created some sort of negative reaction. I learned how every action there is a reaction, no matter the size and that it all begins and ends with me. I learned how non-attachment will reveal the peace and happiness wihtin me that would otherwise be blinded by external stimuli. Most of all, my yoga practice strengthened and now I have a daily personal practice and meditation. The result is far less job-related stress, improved relationships, increased self-awareness and increased acceptance of self. I am forever grateful to Erin and Joell for guiding me in this training and fostering not only a better practice, but a better human being. Thank you so very much.

-Crystal Delia